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Raluca Mititelu Prof. Bookmark not defined. Andries 1, A. Pavel 2, G. Kermoison, L. Hîţu, G. Rusu, H. Haba, A. Alexiev, E. Spinu, K. Gabora, E. Olariu, A. Piciu, D. Agrigoroaie 1, D. Mihai 2, I. Gardikiotis 2, R. Iliescu 1,2, Cipriana Stefanescu 1,2, M. Alexiu 2, A. Bîlha 1, Cipriana Ștefănescu 2,3, A. Haba, G. Rusu, L.

Hitu, G. Kermoison, Aua prostate cancer screening guidelines 2020. Olariu, D. Kermoison, G. Rusu, A. Spînu, K. Mihai 1, V. Bataila 1, L. Olariu 1, M. Larg 1,2, K. Gabora 1,2, L. Hîţu 1, E. Spȋnu 1, B. Grădinaru 1, G. Kermoison 1, G. Rusu1, A. Alexiev 1, C. Peştean 1,2, D. Gabora 1,2, B. Grădinaru 2, E. Spînu 2, G. Rusu 2, L. Hîțu 2, A. Alexiev 2, H. Haba 2, G. Kermoison 2, E. Olariu 1,2, A.

Piciu 1,2, D. Bîlha1, Cipriana Ștefănescu 2,3, A. Muntea³, A. Chirilă 1,2, R. Hagiu 1, G. Ionescu 1, Irena Cristina Grierosu 1,3, A. Țârcă 1, M. Piciu; E. Olariu; L. Hitu; G. Rusu; H. Haba; G. Piciu; K. Gabora; I. The possibility of achieving a temporal follow-up of the accumulation and clearance of the radiopharmaceutical at the target site may disclose fundamental diagnostic information that are now average out because of the long acquisition time.

This scenario is doomed to change after the introduction of new, ultrafast SPECT and PET scanners that can shorten the acquisition time to less than one minute while attaining a spatial resolution below the one-millimeter scale.

When these new tools will become widely available, a sharp improvement of the conventional nuclear imaging approach has to be expected, particularly if combined with a new generation of target-specific diagnostic agents characterized by pharmacokinetic properties suitable for ultrafast imaging.

As an example, although in the past myocardial perfusion agents showing rapid washout were abandoned despite their superior kinetic properties such as linearity with blood flow, they may now castrarea prostatitei the most suitable markers of perfusion aua prostate cancer screening guidelines 2020 employed in combination with ultrafast imaging.

In this perspective, it is apparent that the sharp improvement brought about by the new high-speed, high-resolution imaging modalities will also determine a radical change of the conceptual design of radiopharmaceuticals for better matching the characteristics of the new instrumentation. Presumably, this will lead to rethink the diagnostic use of old radiopharmaceuticals and to give rise to a new generation of imaging agents.

In this lecture, an overview of the new imaging technologies will be briefly outlined and the question about how they could potentially impact the development of a more genuine approach to molecular imaging with novel classes of radiopharmaceuticals will be shortly discussed.

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The development of protocols is intended to standardize technical factors, timing of imaging and the views obtained during imaging to provide the best information from which the scan may be reported. It is imperative that all nuclear medicine facilities have site specific protocols for every procedure performed. A protocol is defined as a detailed plan for a medical experiment, treatment, or procedure. The goal of any protocol is to provide detailed structure for how to manage the patient and how to perform the procedure.

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It is a challenge to write the best protocols, to make the most of the advantages and minimise the disadvantages. It rises a lot of questions: Why do we need protocols legally and practically? Are they altogether a good thing?

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Do they change the need for staff training and experience? Who writes and who approves the protocols? What should be included in them? When a procedure is performed in a standardized, reproducible manner, inter- and intra-operator variability is reduced, ensuring that each patient study is of optimal quality and every patient receives the same quality of service. Protocols are also important for other reasons. They provide an outline for technologist training on performing procedures along with a mechanism to assess competency in performing procedures.

Boli Cronice Netransmisibile PDF

A protocol provides a written record of the expected care to be provided to a patient. As long as the protocol adheres to best patient practices and complies with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, it may provide a measure of protection in medical malpractice negligence claims. Finally, protocols play an important role in accreditation, as the submission and evaluation of clinical protocols is an essential consideration in the accreditation process 5 6 3.

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The era of newer targeting tracers and radionuclides prompted a need for enhanced radiopharmaceuticals providing improved resolution, sensitivity and specificity. Gallium a positron emitter radionuclide, has greatly impacted the nuclear medicine community, it is now widely used in positron emission tomography PET diagnosis of various malignancies especially in neuroendocrine tumors NETs aua prostate cancer screening guidelines 2020 prostate cancer.

We will discuss the optimization of preparation of Ga68 radiopharmaceuticals with reference to our centre experience. The talk will include an overview of some of the recent developments in the field of Molecular Imaging and a discussion how these developments are driving and will drive in future towards personalized medicine and precision medicine, mainly in the field of Oncology.

SPECT quantification of MBF requires fast acquisition of dynamic data in sec, as well as corrections, mainly for attenuation and scatter, which enable absolute measurement as well as a suitable radiotracer. Studies are showing good correlation with microspheres in a porcine model, and in human s good correlations with coronary angiography, as well as 13 N-ammonia and 15 O-H2O.

Hematology 3 Prof. Iliescu Cardiovascular Institute Background of the study. Amyloidosis is a heterogeneous group of diseases caused by extracellular deposition of insoluble fibrils.

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Amyloid depositions can occur in multiple organs heart, liver, kidney, skin, eyes, lungs, nervous system resulting in a variety of clinical manifestations. Several types of amyloid can infiltrate the heart resulting in a restrictive cardiomyopathy, heart failure, and atrial and ventricular arrhythmias. The most clinically relevant cardiac involvement occurs in primary lightchain AL amyloidosis, familial transthyretin amyloidosis mutant transthyretin, ATTRmand senile transthyretin amyloidosis wild-type transthyretin, ATTRwt.

Endomyocardial biopsy EMB is the gold standard for diagnosis of cardiac amyloid, but is performed only in specialized centers.

Screening and Prevention of Prostate Cancer 2021: Incorporating MRI for Early Detection

Instead of highly sensitive, EMB does not provide sufficient information about extent and progression of disease, prognostic information, nor response to treatment.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate bone seeking tracer 99mTechnetium - hydroxydiphosphonate, 99mTc-HDP scintigraphy BSTS for the detection of cardiac amyloidosis. We correlated cardiac nuclear imaging with: cardiac ultrasound, ECG, neurological exam and EMG electromyographyFNA fine needle aspiration for abdominal fat pad with Congo red staining and bone marrow or renal biopsy.

Prevalence of pain in patients with cancer: a systematic review of the past 40 years. Ann Oncol ; —

From 12 patients send in Nuclear Medicine Department, from Jan to May with suspicion of systemic amyloidosis, two of them EMB remains the gold standard for detection of cardiac amyloidosis. However, EMBs, does not provide sufficient information about extent and progression of disease, prognostic information, nor response to treatment.

Scintigraphy with bone seeking radiotracer is a noninvasive method that may facilitate early diagnosis, distinguish various forms of cardiac amyloid and may be useful in following disease burden. Parhon, București Obiective: Să prezentăm o descriere generală a biomarkerilor tumorilor tiroidiene, utilizarea și limitările lor în practica clinică curentă pentru un diagnostic și o utilizare adecvată.

Metode: Folosind probe tisulare și de prostatita ayurveda, markerii biologici pot fi separați și măsurați obiectiv la nivel celular, biochimic sau molecular, pentru a identifica aua prostate cancer screening guidelines 2020 fiziologic sau aua prostate cancer screening guidelines 2020, sau pentru a evalua răspunsul terapeutic al cancerelor hipertrofie prostata tratament diferențiate din epiteliu folicular, medulare și agresive.

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Rezultate: Biomarkerii standard în cancerele tiroidiene sunt furnizați de examinarea imunohistochimică, pe lângă aceștia biomarkerii proteici specifici, ca de exemplu tiroglobulina și calcitonina, sunt utilizați pentru detectarea și monitorizarea bolii neoplazice. Soluții noi, cum ar fi conceptul de "biopsie lichidă", celulele tumorale circulante, modificari genetice și 7 8 microarn, ajută la identificarea sau orintarea patologiei; acestea sunt studiate și pot fi utilizate ca teste-biomarker pentru cancerele tiroidiene.

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Concluzii: Necesitatea de a găsi markeri bilogici cu specificitate si sensibilitate înalte a implicat diferite discipline precum endocrinologia, medicina de laborator, medicina nucleară, anatomia patologică și oncologia în abordarea multidisciplinară a tumorilor tiroidiene. Parhon, Bucharest Objective: To present a general review of the thyroid tumor biomarkers, to describe their current usage and limitations in clinical practice for the proper diagnosis and management.

Methods: Using tissue and blood samples, biological markers can be separated and be objectively measured at a celluar, biochimal or molecular level in order to identify the physiological or pathophysiological status, or to evaluate the therapeutic response of differentiated, medullary and aggressive thyroid cancers. Results: The standard biomarkers in thyroid cancer are provided by the histological examination, besides these serum disease-specific protein biomarkers, as per example thyroglobulin and calcitonin, are used to detect and monitor the illness.

Novel solutions, as the liquid biopsy concept, circulating tumor cells, gene transcripts and microrna, which help identifying the disease status, are being studied and can be used as cancer biomarker assays. Conclusions: The need to find biomarkers with high-level accuracy has involved different disciplines like endocrinology, laboratory medicine, nuclear medicine, pathology, and oncology in the multidisciplinary approach of thyroid tumors.

C3, sc. BoxBucureti Tel: Mai mult, ca i faete ale sindromului metabolic, entitate controversat prin prisma diagnosticului i implicaiilor terapeutice, dar necontestat prin prisma asocierilor epidemiologice, hiperglicemia nc din statusul prediabetic - i hipertensiunea arterial mprtesc, ntr-una din accepiunile clasice ale termenului, un element cauzal comun: insulinorezistena. Aceast evoluie, aparent intuitiv, sugereaz c nu att insulinorezistena direct corelat cu esutul adipos visceralct, mai probabil, alte mecanisme biologice ale adipozitii ar putea constitui verigile de legtur ntre diabetul tip 2 i hipertensiune. Astfel de mecanisme ar putea fi: efectele renale antinatriuretice ale insulinei, hiperactivarea simpatic i creterea reactivitii la aminele presoare, sau hipertrofia muscular arteriolar via IGF

Key words: biomarkers, liquid biopsy, circulating tumor cells, aua prostate cancer screening guidelines 2020 transcripts, microrna 8. Piciu; Prof. Publication of the American Thyroid Association ATA management guidelines for adult patients with thyroid nodules and differentiated thyroid cancer was met with disagreement by the extended nuclear medicine community related to the diagnostic and therapeutic utilization of radioiodine I After 2 days January of consideration, debate, and collegial exchange of concepts, the conference participants agreed on a set of nine principles: The Martinique principles.

Meeting report: Principle 1: Advancing our understanding of optimal thyroid cancer management requires a commitment by clinicians, researchers, patients and organizations to engage in proactive, purposeful, and inclusive inter-disciplinary cooperation.

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Principle 2: The goal of I therapy should be characterized as remnant ablation, aua prostate cancer screening guidelines 2020 treatment, or treatment of known disease using standardized definitions. Principle 3: Evaluation of post-operative disease status is required to optimize proper patient selection for I therapy remnant ablation, adjuvant treatment, or treatment of known disease.

Principle 5: Optimal patient selection for I adjuvant treatment requires consideration and evaluation of multiple factors beyond post-operative disease status and risk stratification. Principle 6. The optimal administered I activity for adjuvant treatment cannot be definitely determined from prostatita pentru fiv literature.

Evaluation of the role of adjuvant treatment by a review of the literature is difficult as most studies have examined relatively small cohorts followed for suboptimal time periods. Principle 7: Characteristics used to classify patients as I refractory should be used to risk stratify patients with regard to the likelihood that a tumor will respond to I therapy and not necessarily as definitive criteria to mandate whether or not I therapy should be recommended.

Principle 8: I refractory criteria will continue to evolve as a additional studies address important limitations and technical issues confounding the current literature, b techniques for radioiodine imaging are optimized and standardized, and c redifferentiation therapies who improve the efficacy of I therapy.